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5 Points to be a Successful Web Consultant

| Technology and Internet

The technology and the overall game has changed a lot since I joined the community of independent consultants back when I was in my high school. Back then I lived in a small town called Serampore, West Bengal and to my classmates the idea of working on commercial projects as an individual was quit alien. Fortunately, over the years people’s view over the work culture changed and now that I have moved to Chennai, I see quite a lot of people prefer working as individual consultants to their regular 9 – 5 jobs. Even in my home town I see engineers providing online consultation to overseas clients and earning quite a lot. So, what does it actually take to get started or rather become one of those consistent and high paid developers in the crowd? Here are some of the experiences that I have gained so far. 1. Stop thinking…

Increase Productivity in Your Tech Life

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I think I am getting on to my blog after about one and a half months. While I did miss the interaction with my readers and the delightful feeling of the notification mails received on my inbox, I sincerely believe that I deserved this break. You know, sometimes for a better productivity you need to let go your imagination to run away with whatever path it chooses to. It makes you a more efficient professional after coming back. Now for IT professionals, first you land on your dream job. It’s a great feeling to go on a date on your own salary rather than the pocket-money from your father. Everything goes just great but then after a while things usually start taking the wrong turn. “Why I am not enthusiastic anymore the way I used to be on my own projects.”Sonny, those were your hobbies, this is your job. There…


Open mail to first generation web-masters

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Last night I had a nice dinner with my family after a nice quality time talking and recollecting our old memories in the evening. I was feeling pretty light-hearted and on getting some private space, I started cherishing the memories of my first days of being a web-master. It was a great feeling. Although I wasn’t technically sound enough, the thirst of knowing ‘just how to do it’ not only taught me a lot of things in terms of coding but also, it taught me how to deal with stress of work and the feeling of seeing my work actually taking place in front of my eyes was something I will always fail to describe with my words.So today when I have had a small walk through the path of web-technology, I couldn’t help drafting this open mail to those who sneak out every night in front of the computer to…

5 ways to avoid fights over facebook

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I am quite ashamed to say that of late I was dragged into a very bitter kind of a fight on facebook which eventually affected my personal relationships despite my having no intention of such consequences. And, this is not the first time I have seen brutal fights with thundering word-storms taking place over the social network biggie. I have always felt that the online fights are nothing but a waste of time which does nothing but bringing down your friendship in the real world with harsh words that you might not have intended to say, threatening delicate relationships. Here is my 5 ways to stay out of such fights. 1. Stop taking facebook so seriously That’s right. Facebook can be a reflection of yours; but, it is not your life. Pay less regard to what people say and do online and remain indifferent towards them. I have seen people…


5 Status Updates Never to be made

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Back in the mid 90′s I was amongst the very few early adopters to social networking of the people around me. Facebook was yet to make its way to be the homepage of many a boys and girls of my age and smartphones were more of a fictitious tech-wonder. The scenario is way different now as I find my friends being online almost all the time, chatting or sharing content on facebook and twitter, finding time between their course-loads.While I do appreciate the concept shedding the bar of cultural and geographical distances across the world, the amount of inappropriate content that I get to see on my home dash also turns me off. Every coin has the other side and social media is by no means an exception either. We just have to be careful to flip the right one. I think today we really need to be very careful about the kind…