4 things that I missed about blogging

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It has been almost two years since I published my last post on And, things have changed quite a lot during this period both in terms of my professional endeavours and personal commitments. The reason why I stopped was very simple — I was not enjoying it anymore. The sense of inspiration that I got me into the blogsphere was far less than it used to be and I wanted to take a break from it. So, I did and shifted my energy and focus towards various other activities that I would reveal slowly during my subsequent posts. But, although taking a break from regular blogging gave me a sense of freedom, I genuinely missed quite a lot of activities that had become a part of my life. 1. Engaging with people During my break I met more people in real than I ever had. But, I missed the…

Ambient Noise Player — stay productive with relaxing ambient sounds

| Technology and Internet

I have been a full-time freelance developer for several years and one of the most challenging parts for me has always been staying focused and keeping an even flow of work throughout the day. It might sound odd but working alone brings boredom. While some suggest listening to music while writing codes, I find myself a bit carried away by the ‘regular’ form of music being a music lover. I rather prefer ambient sounds that keep me warm and focused to my work. I have long been a fan of Coffitivity but the problem with the service is, I have to keep it open on a separate tab or browser window which is quite an inconvenience when I have several tabs and windows open and I get a Skype call that I have to answer quickly. The Ambient Noise Player, being a native Linux app, solves this issue. The player…

iShouvik Easy Adverts Plugin for Elgg 1.9

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After quite a long time I decided to upgrade my Easy adverts plugin to the most recent stable release of Elgg. If you are unfamiliar with Elgg, it is an Open Source Content Management System based on Php-MySQL technology to create niche social networks and community sites. This is a free plugin for elgg 1.9 to put adverts on the sidebar and footer area. There is no mandatory branding of any sort by the author to maintain the usability of the plugin. However, since the objective of the development of this plugin is nothing but enhancing the usability of Elgg, any further improvement to this plugin is requested to be merged onto the GitHub¬†repository. Get plugin from GitHub Download from Elgg Repo iShouvik Easy Adverts Plugin Screenshots  

5 Common Challenges for every Freelancer

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Before setting up a team, I worked as an individual freelancer for quite a long time developing web apps for clients. While I did enjoy the freedom of choosing my own projects and work hours — this had issues of its own especially during the early days of my freelance career. Here are the top five challenges that I personally faced while working alone out of my bedroom (or the room next to it). 1. Developing a personal brand Every single person who wishes to make his mark on the internet business has to build up his own brand. This also goes for the companies who offer services across web. Building a brand of my own has always been the key challenge of my business. And, contrary to regular belief, a brand doesn’t only mean getting likes and followers on social media; it essentially is the overall experience that you…

5 Points to be a Successful Web Consultant

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The technology and the overall game has changed a lot since I joined the community of independent consultants back when I was in my high school. Back then I lived in a small town called Serampore, West Bengal and to my classmates the idea of working on commercial projects as an individual was quit alien. Fortunately, over the years people’s view over the work culture changed and now that I have moved to Chennai, I see quite a lot of people prefer working as individual consultants to their regular 9 – 5 jobs. Even in my home town I see engineers providing online consultation to overseas clients and earning quite a lot. So, what does it actually take to get started or rather become one of those consistent and high paid developers in the crowd? Here are some of the experiences that I have gained so far. 1. Stop thinking…