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It has been almost two years since I published my last post on iShouvik.com. And, things have changed quite a lot during this period both in terms of my professional endeavours and personal commitments.

The reason why I stopped was very simple — I was not enjoying it anymore. The sense of inspiration that I got me into the blogsphere was far less than it used to be and I wanted to take a break from it. So, I did and shifted my energy and focus towards various other activities that I would reveal slowly during my subsequent posts.

But, although taking a break from regular blogging gave me a sense of freedom, I genuinely missed quite a lot of activities that had become a part of my life.

1. Engaging with people

During my break I met more people in real than I ever had. But, I missed the small online community we had developed over the course of time. I loved reading stories from my fellow bloggers and the interaction I had with everyone on iShouvik.com as well as on the @ishouvik Twitter handler.

2. Content production

I had developed a habit of publishing two articles every week. I focused the rest of my days researching and composing for new ideas. This compelled me to pick up a few skills that otherwise would not have been a part of my list.

3. Having a spontaneity

I had a fair bit of struggle during my early days of blogging. Composing content didn’t come natural to me and English was never my first language. Blogging slowly brought spontaneity in me for producing content in English and gradually it became natural.

4. The excitement of blogging

The very idea of blogging has always fascinated me. Knowing that what I wrote from my room in a small town called Serampore is read by people who would live at the opposite part of the world with a probable significant difference in lifestyle was a great feeling for me. And although by the time to stopped blogging I had moved to Bangalore and had started meeting a lot of people around, I still missed the diverse nature of the interactions that I had.

So, What now?

I am not really sure. I certainly have reached a point when I am in a stable-ish personal and professional space and I believe that I now again feel the excitement that used to make me produce content regularly. Apart from that, I love the idea of posting my thoughts on video sharing platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live. In a past few days I have done two Facebook Live sessions and I loved it. So, I think I am back to content production. 🙂
I honestly believe that a person should only do things that he/she enjoys. So, my simple answer is, I will keep producing new content again as long as I enjoy it.

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