5 ways to avoid fights over facebook

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I am quite ashamed to say that of late I was dragged into a very bitter kind of a fight on facebook which eventually affected my personal relationships despite my having no intention of such consequences. And, this is not the first time I have seen brutal fights with thundering word-storms taking place over the social network biggie.

I have always felt that the online fights are nothing but a waste of time which does nothing but bringing down your friendship in the real world with harsh words that you might not have intended to say, threatening delicate relationships.

Here is my 5 ways to stay out of such fights.

1. Stop taking facebook so seriously

That’s right. Facebook can be a reflection of yours; but, it is not your life. Pay less regard to what people say and do online and remain indifferent towards them. I have seen people spending hours on the their homepage trying to perform a critical analysis of a certain status update. I don’t understand the why they have to do it unless it is something from their spouse, claiming the guy next door was “yummy!

2. Bow out even before you bow in

The best and the worst behaviour amongst all the facebook activities would probably be tagging. Sure, it pulls me in certain pictures of updates that are relevant; but also, populates my notification area with junk messages. I don’t have a dog in others’ fights. Whenner I am pulled (tagged) in a debate like “if the last decision of the chief minister really made any sense“, it know that I am about to get dragged into something dreadful. So, I bow out gracefully by untagging myself from this no-win debate and sip my part of hot chocolate quite peacefully.

3. Take a deep breath, think twice before replying

I believe in a real world several, if not most, of the fights can easily be avoided if people are not too tempted to let loose their tongue. Fortunately, when the debate is actually being held with written transcript, it gives you some more time than what you would have had on a verbal conversation.
Think and think again before hitting the ENTER. Can you anyhow avoid your angry phrase that might just give enough fuel to ignite yet another fight? If so, please do it. Your objective is your mental sanity and you have no reason to lose it on facebook just because you couldn’t control your finger hitting those keys.

4. Be careful with unfriending

We understand that your lab partner just said a few words against your favourite football team and teaming up with the folks from your football club and hammering down the poor guy was a piece of cake and like an obedient lad when there was not a nail left, you blocked the profile of that chap with a terrible luck.
Then, what happens when you meet him tomorrow, having projects to do together?
You have used strong words against your friend’s opinion and that is okay. But, blocking or unfriending anyone is taken as a serious offense. By doing so, your relationship with that person is irreversibly destroyed. Does it seem fair enough for you?
Think again, if the person in question someone you’d meet everyday and whom you would somehow don’t want to have a permanent conflict with, keep your hands off those buttons. They ain’t worth it.

5. Stop following the conversations you don’t like

Facebook doesn’t compel you to follow up a discussion against your will. If you don’t find the campaign against your favourite in the college election subtle enough, simply unfollow the thread and stop letting it cause you annoyance which eventually might turn out to be too provoking for you to let go.

The point is, we have enough worries in our lives to take care of and encouraging fights on social networks is something that might not be worth wasting your time and energy for. If there is anything or anyone that you believe ablaze yet another facebook fight and affect your personal relationships stop it even before it is started.
Did you ever have a bitter fight on facebook that you believe was too silly to be encouraged and you regret about?

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