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Install Ubuntu Local Server

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It is essential for a developer to have his own server running on his local machine to develop web-apps and test them right on his own computer for a faster production.I love Linux distros far more than WIndows. They are lighter, faster, safer, allowing me to run my laptop longer than I can on Windows (yes, I run my server on my Ubuntu installed on my lappy). First of all, dump those multiple lined commands if you were going to do so. Installing LAMP on your Ubuntu takes only one command. Open your terminal and follow the following steps. At the end of the tutorial, you will have your server running with Apache, MySQL and Php along with PhpMyAdmin for database management as most of the people use PhpMyAdmin for creating and updating databases.   Install LAMP Server: Open your terminal and paste the following command sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ [This is not a…

5 Ways to Extend Battery Life on Ubuntu

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I am one of those developers who have come all the way from their home for studies and have to rely on a single laptop for work. Linux, obviously, is a natural choice for me on a pretty decent notebook. But, those living in the metro cities in India would know about the massive power-cuts throughout the day. Here are my 5 ways that helped me to extend battery life on my Ubuntu laptop and I believe it ought to work for other Linux distribution as well.   1. Dim your screen The most obvious one, dim your screen. It saves a lot of power. You need not enjoy all the coding work in full aspect ratio while battery backup is your primary concern. 2. Stop unnecessary service You should know which service packages you’d be needing when your working at a critical battery state. Turn off the ones you are not using….