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I think I am getting on to my blog after about one and a half months. While I did miss the interaction with my readers and the delightful feeling of the notification mails received on my inbox, I sincerely believe that I deserved this break. You know, sometimes for a better productivity you need to let go your imagination to run away with whatever path it chooses to. It makes you a more efficient professional after coming back.

Now for IT professionals, first you land on your dream job. It’s a great feeling to go on a date on your own salary rather than the pocket-money from your father. Everything goes just great but then after a while things usually start taking the wrong turn. “Why I am not enthusiastic anymore the way I used to be on my own projects.”
Sonny, those were your hobbies, this is your job. There is a vivid line to be distinguished right at the beginning of your career — this is not your hobby anymore. You’re getting paid for the hours you spend in front of your workstations and you better start accepting that.
But that doesn’t mean you’d need to stop enjoying yourself. But enjoy only when you’re at your best. And you are usually at your best when you’re in your fittest form.

So, here are 5 tips that you could apply on your workplace or your home office to avoid unnecessary waste of time.


That’s essential. Human brain cannot take more than a certain capacity and the capacity is usually varied from person to person. When you feel being saturated, it’s okay to close the books, take a break. Go into the canteen and see who’s the hot bod there. Take a walk around the garden. When you’d get back, I am sure you’d find it easy to start drawing (read again) from an open canvas.


Without a good amount of sleep, you’d never be able to finish up your programs without a single bug on it. How can you? Your eyes are telling you to crash up and you’re pushing it to its limits. You can’t expect anything but faulty operations from that state of yourself. Make sure you’ve had enough sleep and fit to sit in front of your workstation.


Now it is essential that you leave your official fights, delayed supply line issues and a cranky boss far from your personal life. Your personal life is your time to be who you are with your family. If everyday you come up pissed off with your office affairs (pun not intended) your wife probably would walk out after a first couple of months. Then you can have all the time shouting at the wall for all the pathetic things you do in your office. Sounds fun? You daren’t!


Make sure you like being in your workplace; be it a home office or a regular one. Make yourself comfortable. This is where you’d be spending a lot of time. So, it is essential that you put all the things that make your coding easier. All the necessary things in front of you and distractions reside as far as possible. Get a comfortable desk where you can work without a severe back-pain. Get the type of keyboards you want, all your quick-launches organised etc. Key thing — you’re the one working here.


You know, maybe you’re a crack coder. But that doesn’t mean you’d get all the projects that you certainly love doing; but because the company has its interest in that project. Be careful not to lose the love that you used to possess for your craft. Sometimes when you’ve some time to waste, kick-start a project that your heart says you should. That’ll help you in two ways. Firstly, it won’t let you become frustrated materializing someone else’s dreams. Secondly, we all know that in IT the more diversity you possess, the more valuable you become in the industry.

Well, this is it. This is my short post that I find one should practice to avoid monotony at workplace and keep oneself on the brighter side of the stream especially when I had to prepare a 204 pages record last week … the particular type of work that I HATE doing. But sometimes you have to compromise a short instance of your life for a greater good.
Got new ideas? I am all ears to hear ‘em.

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