YuvaTV was intended to be India's First Online television partner to ramp up campus happenings and students' creativity.Yuva later came into being in February 2012 and henceforth been a pioneer in showcasing the talents of students across various mediums.



YuvaTV literally required me to use all the skillsets I possesed from design inputs, developing the core application, setting the scaling factors, file handling policies and of course, creating and managing the servers with the necessary packages with NewRelic performance graph. Personally, YuvaTV has been a journey for me in terms of implementing expanding my horizon of technology and putting it all in a single pot.


Technology Used

Ruby On Rails, MySQL, AWS Infrastructure, Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery, JQuery UJS, AJAX, Russian Doll Caching, Cloudflare, Mailgun SMTP, Mailchimp integration, basic SEO