iShouvik Easy Adverts Plugin for Elgg 1.9

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After quite a long time I decided to upgrade my Easy adverts plugin to the most recent stable release of Elgg. If you are unfamiliar with Elgg, it is an Open Source Content Management System based on Php-MySQL technology to create niche social networks and community sites. This is a free plugin for elgg 1.9 to put adverts on the sidebar and footer area. There is no mandatory branding of any sort by the author to maintain the usability of the plugin. However, since the objective of the development of this plugin is nothing but enhancing the usability of Elgg, any further improvement to this plugin is requested to be merged onto the GitHub¬†repository. Get plugin from GitHub Download from Elgg Repo iShouvik Easy Adverts Plugin Screenshots  

Install Ubuntu Local Server

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It is essential for a developer to have his own server running on his local machine to develop web-apps and test them right on his own computer for a faster production.I love Linux distros far more than WIndows. They are lighter, faster, safer, allowing me to run my laptop longer than I can on Windows (yes, I run my server on my Ubuntu installed on my lappy). First of all, dump those multiple lined commands if you were going to do so. Installing LAMP on your Ubuntu takes only one command. Open your terminal and follow the following steps. At the end of the tutorial, you will have your server running with Apache, MySQL and Php along with PhpMyAdmin for database management as most of the people use PhpMyAdmin for creating and updating databases.   Install LAMP Server: Open your terminal and paste the following command sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ [This is not a…