Ambient Noise Player — stay productive with relaxing ambient sounds

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I have been a full-time freelance developer for several years and one of the most challenging parts for me has always been staying focused and keeping an even flow of work throughout the day. It might sound odd but working alone brings boredom. While some suggest listening to music while writing codes, I find myself a bit carried away by the ‘regular’ form of music being a music lover. I rather prefer ambient sounds that keep me warm and focused to my work. I have long been a fan of Coffitivity but the problem with the service is, I have to keep it open on a separate tab or browser window which is quite an inconvenience when I have several tabs and windows open and I get a Skype call that I have to answer quickly. The Ambient Noise Player, being a native Linux app, solves this issue. The player…

Increase Productivity in Your Tech Life

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I think I am getting on to my blog after about one and a half months. While I did miss the interaction with my readers and the delightful feeling of the notification mails received on my inbox, I sincerely believe that I deserved this break. You know, sometimes for a better productivity you need to let go your imagination to run away with whatever path it chooses to. It makes you a more efficient professional after coming back. Now for IT professionals, first you land on your dream job. It’s a great feeling to go on a date on your own salary rather than the pocket-money from your father. Everything goes just great but then after a while things usually start taking the wrong turn. “Why I am not enthusiastic anymore the way I used to be on my own projects.”Sonny, those were your hobbies, this is your job. There…